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Letter From Clients and Others

1. Denisse Gomez. 2. Vickey Houk. 3. Tanya Jorgensen. 4. Kristin Belderson. 5. Sai Krishna. 6. Molly Avery.

7. Joe Leonhardt. 8. David Slight & Latitia Blackwell. 9. Barb and Willie Aiken. 10. Katelyn Mehner. 11. Leslie Bell. 12. Stuart D. Rhodes & Kelsy A. (Snyder) Rhodes. 13. Doug Finley. 14. Oceanna Meile. 15. Dave Townsend.

16. The Hunter Family. 17. Ellen Rich. 18. Jeannie Robinson. 19. Calvin Oram. 20. Emily J. Burtch. 21. Diana Munoz.

1. Denisse Gomez. To whom it may concern. My spouse and I adopted a Golden Retriever female from Mr. Gaudina in December 2020. We were looking for Goldens since we moved to Colorado, actually was very funny because we found his information on the internet on a website. We reach him out in October, and he was very communicative about the process to adopt a puppy from his. It was actually a whole process, where you need to provide information about your past experiences with dogs, and the care you gave to them. You must provide references from family or friends to confirm your past with pets. After signing a contract with him, we payed him a visit at his place in Lafayette, CO. Back in the time we were dealing with the pandemic situation, but he allowed us to meet the parents (Jasper and Amber) they where the most beautiful and healthy dogs ever!! I can tell you that, we fall in love with them instantly, they were in very good shape, and they look very happy. We also met Rose, she’s another Golden Retriever (Amber Daughter) she was the sweetest girl ever, we would never forget her beautiful eyes and vibe.


After 3 months we received a call from Gaudina on Dec 28th to tell us that Amber had given birth. He shares some videos and pictures with us, after a few weeks our little girl was ready to go home with us. We went to Gaudina’s house and finally meet her, she was the most beautiful puppy ever. We knew that she would bring joy and happiness to our lives. That same day Gaudina gave us a long list with steps to follow, regarding Golden Retrievers health and checks-ups that needed to be taken place. Within the next few weeks. He also provided the micro-chip. He also shared videos and a PDF file with information about vitamins, food, how to prevent cancer and joint issues in Goldens Retrievers.

Gaudina has been very informative regarding health for Golden’s, I can say ones a month he would share information with the clients. We have been in contact with him since then, we always share pictures and videos from Stella, we know he love the dogs and to share pictures and information about the puppy was one of the conditions in the contract. I can only say my puppy she is 2 years now and she has been the healthiest ever, I had dogs in the past. Different breeds, I can say I had 7 other different dogs and Stella has been the healthy one.


In general, we only have to say this experience has been great with Mr. Gaudina, I have always felt very comfortable on contacting him in case of questions or even just for a talk with him, his a very good guy. And his situation really breaks my heart because I know that man lives with his dogs not the dogs live with him. He’s trying all he can to have those dogs in a safe and healthy place. Right now, I am very worried about those dogs, I bet they are not eating well I am 100% sure about it, and they may be sleeping in the floor! That is horrible. Mr. Gaudina love those dogs and he deserve those dogs back in his home.



Denisse Gomez and Marianna Poggi

2. Vickey Houk. Hello, I received a Golden from Jan almost 3 years ago. Her name is Maggie, she is actually the twin to Ginger , which is one of Jans' dogs that he has now.


I had the most wonderful experience when I went to his house. How much he loved his dogs and all the puppies was very clear. He treated them like they were human and his family.


I am shocked that someone would take them away from him. This is a true outrage and very inhuman, since i received Maggie almost three years ago, Jan has stayed in contact with me since he kept Maggie's twin Ginger so we could get the two of them together to see each other. He is in contact all the time to make sure that we are feeding the puppies with good quality food.   


To think that his dogs (family) was taken away from him is so upsetting he must be going crazy let alone the dogs that you put in jail, is really upsetting him he is so worried about them.


Please let me know if I can do anything to help get his dogs back to him.  


Thank you  

Vickey Houk


3. Tanya Jorgensen. RE: Jan Gaudina. I am writing to express what a great experience working with Jan was when we adopted our golden Stella.  Our family was looking to add another dog to our family.  We had a 7-year-old golden retriever named Cali and we wanted to give our boys, who were 10 and 11, the experience of growing up with a puppy.  I have always rescued my animals but decided to work with a breeder in order to get a puppy. Before connecting with Jan, I was working with a breeder to adopt a Great Dane.  This breeder sent me pictures and videos of my selected puppy until the day we were to meet at a local park for an adoption event.  I confirmed that I would be there for the event and I was super excited to adopt the puppy.  When I arrived at the park, the breeder was not there and I hadn’t received a phone call to confirm if I was still coming or to notify me that she was leaving.  When I finally got in touch with her later that afternoon, she said that she ended up leaving early and had adopted out my puppy.  She said she still had other puppies available.  I had formed an emotional connection with the puppy she said would be mine and my heart was completely broken.  It was obvious that she was more about the money and didn’t care about the client.  I was devastated and reluctant to work with another breeder as my first experience was so heartbreaking. 


We changed our adoption plan a bit and decided we would get another golden retriever.  I found Jan through a Google search and prayed that I would not have a similar experience to my last.  Jan invited us over to meet the last puppy he had left in the litter.  Our family drove from Aurora to Lafayette to meet the last puppy left in the litter.  When we arrived, we not only got to meet our Stella, but we were also able to meet her mom and grandma.  The dogs were all appeared healthy, energetic and friendly.  Jan had a lot of questions for us as potential adopters, all of which assessed our current knowledge of caring for golden retrievers, which helped him to gauge if we were going to be responsible pet owners.  It was clear that we had to pass the litmus test in order to be eligible to adopt one of his puppies. He truly cared about the dogs…it wasn’t just about the sale.  The following month, we returned to pick up Stella.  Jan provided information regarding Bil-Jac and Sojos dog food, once again, emphasizing the importance of feeding goldens a high-quality diet.  Jan also provided education about the medical problems that goldens are prone to.  Jan even followed up with us after we brought Stella home to see how things were going.  This is not behavior of a breeder who is in it for the money.  Jan truly loves his dogs and made great effort to ensure we were a good fit and that we had the tools to be successful in providing the best care possible to our new four-legged family member.


I hope you understand how wonderful he is to his dogs and see that his they are returned to his loving care.

Tanya Jorgensen

4. Kristin Belderson. To Whom It May Concern in the City of Lafayette,

My name is Kristin Belderson and I am writing a letter of support for Jan Gaudina. I first met Jan on December 16, 2022 upon visiting his home in Lafayette to meet his litter of Golden Retriever puppies born in October. My husband and I had a recent unexpected pet loss and were looking for a reputable home breeder as a source for our next furry family member. We were impressed with Jan’s informational website and the numerous positive reviews found in his Facebook profile and webpage.

Upon entering Jan’s home in Lafayette, it was evident to us that he provides a loving and attentive home for his dogs. The litter of puppies were clean, were in a clean play pen together, and had access to fresh water. We were able to witness his meal prep for the litter of puppies and watch them eat the food he lovingly prepares for his dogs each meal. We also met the adult dogs at that time as it is important to us to know the parents for the puppy we are looking to adopt. The mother and father dogs have lovely coats of fur, were well-nourished appearing, and were of happy temperament. We were confident we were making the right decision in adopting a dog from Jan.

As a note, I am a registered nurse by profession and actively practice at Children’s Hospital Colorado. I am observant and attentive to conditions in the home that might warrant a second assessment, and I did not appraise those in Jan’s home. I assessed Jan to be a caring individual who loves his dogs as family.

Please reunite Jan’s dogs with him as they need him as much as Jan needs them.



Kristin Belderson, RN


5. Sai Krishna. To whomever concern and Jan , First of all , Jan wanted to say thanks for bringing Seenu ( my golden retriever puppy ) into our lives. He’s a bundle of love and we couldn’t imagine our household without him now. It has come to my attention that Jan Gaudina has had his Golden Retrievers confiscated so I felt its my responsibly to support him in this time of unfair , lack of humanness from the authorities. He is the only Breeder I found who had deep knowledge both from a dog biological point of view and also being a friend to them. It’s not even possible to think that he will treat his dogs in a harmful way. Please kindly consider giving his dogs back to him. If you need to talk or want any more details about what my experience was with Jan please feel free to reach out to me. Regards,

Sai Krishna

6. Molly Avery. To:  All Concerned. I have purchased a puppy from Jan in the past and had a good experience with him.  He always showed that he had the best interest of his breeding dogs and the puppies in mind.  I am certified as a dog trainer and know that the earlier a puppy is socialized both to its owner/master as well as other people, the better that puppy will adapt to a well-balanced domestic life.  He allowed me to come visit my puppy on a weekly basis until I could take him home, and also had the puppies around other people in his household.  He asked me to handle some of the other puppies in the litter while I was there in order for them increase their human socialization early in life.

My dog is now about a year old and even since his early puppyhood people commented about his wonderful temperament.  Jan has demonstrated that he is a responsible breeder by selecting the best temperaments in the dogs he uses to breed.  He often helps other breeders that he knows to place Goldens with families he knows will give the dogs a good life. 

Jan also is a champion for a dog’s nutrition.  He provides all of his customers with education about better dog foods and gives resources for less processed and natural foods at lower costs, and he feeds his own dogs in the same way.

Based on my experience with Jan, I believe he really does have the welfare of his animals at heart.



Molly Avery

7. Joe Leonhardt. Re: Jan Gaudina – Golden Retrievers. 

Hello, I’m writing this letter to tell you about our experiences with Mr. Jan Gaudina over the years. We purchased our first gold retriever puppy from Jan seven years ago and had a fantastic experience. Jan was great about coaching us on healthy food products and techniques. He was so proud of all his puppies and is clearly very passionate about all of his dogs.


Jan has even taken interest in our dog Bailey many years after our transaction. In fact, over time, we have stayed in touch with Jan and three years after buying Bailey, we purchased another puppy from Jan so that our oldest dog Bailey would have a playmate. We had full confidence in Jan and again, he was terrific, and we got another amazing golden retriever named Brandy. We’ve remained friendly over the years with Jan, and he continues to take pride & interest in our dogs and even our family.  Jan is a good man and we’re thankful for meeting him and are blessed by our golden retrievers.


We have always thought of Jan as a passionate and consummate dog lover. I’m happy to serve as a reference and an advocate for Jan and am happy to speak to you anytime. Jan loves the dogs like none other and his dogs love their home with Jan. A shelter is no place for those sweet dogs, and I highly recommend they be returned to their natural home and pet parent Mr. Jan Gaudina. He loves them so very much. Thank you!


Blessings, Joe Leonhardt


8. David Slight & Latitia Blackwell.  To: Whom It May Concern. We first met Mr. Gaudina (Jan) in the summer of 2020 while searching for a golden retriever to bring into our family. A lengthy and careful search brought us to Mr. Gaudina in Lafayette, Colorado. During many months leading up to our adoption of one of his puppies, he, more than any other breeder took the time to answer all questions we had about the breed, sending photos and videos of the puppy and parents. We even felt vetted as potential buyers. With confidence and trust, we flew to Colorado to meet the sweet golden that had captured our hearts and that we named Aspen. It was obvious from our first meeting how much Jan loves and invests in his dogs.  He provided information on the breed, training tips, research on the best foods and supplements, a microchip and health records.  He even sent Aspen with a blanket that had the scent of her mother on it to ease her transition.

While there to pick up Aspen, we were able to interact with his adult dogs and see how the puppies interacted with the adults and each other.  They were loving and full of energy and curiosity. All the while Jan was making sure the dogs were being fed, getting them fresh water and showering them with attention.

In the weeks and months that followed, Jan kept in touch – asking all about how Aspen was doing and always excited to receive photos of her.  On a vacation to Colorado the following summer we even took time to make a stop in Lafayette so he could see Aspen again.


In the Fall of 2022, we were ready for a sister for Aspen and Jan had a litter of puppies that were almost ready for their forever homes.  He knew we wanted a smaller female and knew just the puppy with the perfect temperament.  His intuition of breed and prospective owners is an uncanny skill born of compassion. He would send videos, and updates of the puppies and in November 2022 we once again flew to Colorado to bring home Annie.  The two are a perfect pair and Jan keeps in touch to see how they are both doing.

In every meeting with Jan, it is always evident the love he has for his dogs and the amount of time he spends researching so that they are receiving the best food, care and training.  Jan is so caring, not only for his own dogs, but the puppies that his clients take home.   These dogs are not just to breed - these dogs are his family.  It hurts me to know that they are separated from him, unsure of what is happening, the very “cruelty” you are trying to mitigate.

There must be motive at the core of what is happening with Jan and his puppies in an attempt to shut down his business. We implore you to examine that possibility. He holds a Colorado licensed to sell puppies. He was granted six licenses for six of his dogs in Lafayette issued by the very entity (and person) who seemingly has an agenda to hassle his livelihood as a breeder! Recent events chronicling this aggravation borders on retaliation by an overzealous enforcement agency set out to show force against him. Whatever that motive, we believe Mr. Gaudina has demonstrated impeccable record keeping for his business and any prudent desire to realize these records must be taken. It is also my understanding the agency which seems set on making him answer questions concerning a “wellness check” and going into his home every day when he has puppies appears to be above the law they serve. Yet, in order to maintain peace until a resolution can be forged, Jan demonstrated a willingness to obey by his taking his dogs to a different location before being pulled over by local law enforcement and having his dogs confiscated.  If that city code was unbeknownst to him or the agency attempting to enforce it, give him a fair and just way to resolve the situation along with a reasonable period to do so. Please show the same compassion for a fellow human being that he demonstrates to his Golden Retrievers.  Taking his dogs away to demonstrate your sovereignty and rank bumps up against what could be perceived as bullying, emotional brutality, and abuse of the elderly. If the goal is to spare his personal dogs, and any subsequent pups from abject and perceived cruel conditions (none of which exists) for their existence, then the very thing you are trying to mitigate has become your method of control. i.e., cruelty to both Mr. Gaudina and his dogs. Actions taken thus far just do not pass the test of common sense. In this instance, nobody wins due to the lack of understanding for actions taken to date. All are confused, especially the poor dogs who rely on Mr. Gaudina for their happiness and existence.

We urge you and fall upon the grace of reasonableness for all parties involved in the resolution of this matter. Because of actions taken thus far against Mr. Gaudina, both veiled and real, including citations, threats of being arrested, and confiscation of his personal dogs, we are sure emotions are running high.  All so unnecessary! Please believe these are the years of his life that enjoying his livelihood and skills he has mastered in owning, caring for, and breeding a beloved species should be the years he enjoys most.  We believe through the testimony of his countless clients in the goodness and sweet natured spirit of this man.  He is not a burden to society, nor a criminal to be dealt with in a litigious manner, but rather the most reasonable man who works passionately to please others through his craft. Indifference to this fact truly flies in the face of reasonableness and into a debate of the spirit of the law versus the harshness of its application. 

We believe that Jan has the best interest of his dogs in the forefront of all that he does. We also believe in his character, as demonstrated through our dealings with him, as a Christ-like spirit seeking only reasonable resolution to an unfortunate set of circumstances that suddenly has befallen him in these golden years.

Latitia and I are more than happy to visit with any person on a face-to-face basis to further our desire to aid in the resolution of this matter.


David W. Slight and Latitia Blackwell

9. Barb and Willie Aiken. To Whom It May Concern. My husband and I adopted our second Golden Retriever male from Jan in August of 2021.  I had been looking for a wonderful new puppy to add to our home when I came across Jan’s liter that would be available to go home with us within a couple weeks.   Jan invited us as a family to come by and see the available male puppies.  We visited and met both mother, Ginger, and father, Bailey at his Lafayette location.  We felt they were both very well loved, quite healthy and had wonderful temperaments.


Jan was incredibly knowledgeable, warm and friendly.  His communication regarding the whole process was honest and sincere.  We were invited to visit whenever we were able, so that we had the opportunity to bond with our puppy, Butter, as soon as possible. He sent us photos of the puppy sitting with him on his couch.  He obviously enjoyed bonding with his puppies.  I was very impressed with the information Jan had gone to lengths to prepare for new puppy parents.  He was very thorough in his preparation of this information regarding his preference of feeding and care of the puppy we were adopting.  This information included the best food to best prevent Cancers or any other injuries and illness.   We were introduced to the highest quality of food and continue this still today for all three of our dogs. This process included a fresh mix of veggies and chicken and Bil-Jack kibble at every feeding.  Butter has been a happy and especially healthy young golden. I am thankful for all the love and care Jan put into his dogs.  I have not had an experience like this before when we have added other dogs to our home.


It is obvious that Jan’s interest in his dogs is pure love, and not merely a business to him.   Jan is a very sweet and caring person that only wants the best for all his puppies and dogs.  It is clear he lives for these dogs.  We hope you will see fit to reunite Jan with his canine family members as soon as possible. It is heartbreaking for us to think that his dogs are separated from him for even a day.  They deserve to be back in his home where he can continue to give them his love and care. 



Barb and Willie Aiken

10. Katelyn Mehner. To: Whom it may concern. I first met Jan while entertaining the idea of getting a golden retriever puppy. In our initial interaction, Mr. Gaudina called me for an extensive interview (before getting to meet the puppies) to make sure I seemed like a suitable fit and would be able to provide the standard of care he would want for one of his puppies. I met the litter at 2 weeks old, and often frequented his property while waiting to choose my pup for his forever home. After I knew that his loving home was one that I would want to get my puppy from, I filled out another intensive application and promised to meet their needs. He consistently educated me on their needs, personalities, and food. I always loved how detailed Mr. Gaudina was when it came to the care of golden retrievers, as my family had owned dogs growing up but I was a first time dog owner myself. He also ensured I knew about factors that have decreased the golden lifespan over the years such as an increase in carcinogens in their food and early neutering, in addition to hip and joint issues; I even had to promise to wait until my Kona (now 8 months) was 15 months before I could neuter him. Jan also provided me with his recipe for their food, which is a cheaper alternative to the brand Sojo’s.


I had looked at alternative breeders in the area, but the thought of getting a dog from a breeder weighed heavily on my heart. However, due to genetic factors in Goldens, I knew that I had to. The most obvious thing is that Jan cares deeply for his dogs. Thus, knowing how Jan cares for and treats his dogs with such love, it made me feel much better about the whole adoption process. Before I even knew how many puppies were in the litter, I knew at least 5 facts about each of his golden retrievers and have met every one many times. They are all very gentle, loving, curious, and maintain the kind of energy that a secure and independent dog would.


Finally, the day came and I was able to pick up my Kona. This little man, in his 8 months of life, has received more compliments than I ever will. He is extremely well mannered, smart, gentle, and loving. I’m sure whoever is reading this is well associated with the dog imprint lifecycle, but I was extremely concerned about Kona making it to 16 weeks without any trauma so that he could be a happy and secure pup. So let it be another fact that Kona has never endured a day of trauma in his life. Due to that, he continues to be unfazed by any odd event that occurs now (loud sounds, strangers, etc). He adjusted quickly to life. Jan kept in touch and we chose to visit him every month or so. I would stop by Jan’s house while in the neighborhood for puppy class or make a quick trip as I live nearby. He took photos of Kona, showered him in love, and inquired about his vaccines and diet. We would trade tips, and talk about healthy treat brands and mentally enriching activities. He also continued to provide news to me on his goldens at home, and updates he was making to their food. For example,  I added a mushroom supplement to Kona’s food recently at Jan’s suggestion.


I continue to provide Jan as a resource to anyone that inquires where I adopted Kona from. Jan’s dogs are clearly more than breeding dogs to him, but family. He has shared how much pain he is in having the dogs away. Furthermore, I am sure that this pain not only comes from their absence but also the thought of the conditions they are facing away from his home. I can virtually guarantee that they do not receive the same amount of love or quality of food (which is HUGE for golden cancer prevention) in the shelter. The topic of food is so important to Jan, that he has even set up an emergency fund for the dogs to be taken care of, and remain on their diets, should anything happen to him. The city of Lafayette has also imposed a puppy tax on him, that he did not charge his clients, and now is forcing him to track down all of his clients since 2016. This man has handled that significant financial imposition with grace, kindness, and understanding that it may take a while to collect this tax from his clients.


I am absolutely flabbergasted that someone would want to talk away Jan’s family and livelihood. He has properly licensed his dogs to the city of Lafayette, and continues to follow the laws. He has an impeccable record with his clients, and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from any client that I have spoken with and/or read feedback from on conversation forums. It was his facebook reviews that convinced me I needed a puppy from him in the first place. He continues to put the well-being of his dogs over any financial obligation or sale. I was assured that if I were unable to care for my puppy, Jan would welcome it back with open arms to provide them a worthy home ( rather than refusing returns because of financial gain, or charging me a refund fee preventing me from finding a worse alternative). Jan continues to comply with city code, and should not be penalized for not having a full comprehension of the law.


I urge you to reconsider this matter, and return Mr. Gaudina’s dogs to his property. This poor gentleman has been in pure heartache since his dog’s were taken, and I perceive the entire event as bullying and emotional brutality to both Jan and the golden retrievers. Should this continue, I would like to speak to someone on his behalf to further understand the situation. Jan has provided several attempts to comply, and I simply find no reason as to why his dogs are still being obtained. Let alone, Jan is being threatened with fines, citations, and arrest. I find several other events happening in our nearby community to be of much more importance, detriment to society, and worthy of our tax paying dollars. I believe that it is in the best interest of the dogs to be returned to Mr. Gaudina, and he demonstrates caring for only their best interest alike.



Katelyn Mehner

11. Leslie Bell. To whom it may it may concern. I met Jan Gaulding almost 2 years ago when I got my first golden retriever puppy from him. I had been looking for a golden retriever pup for sometime and found Jan to be the most reliable and informative breeder I could find. His website was a wealth of information and his reputation was stellar. I was so impressed with my puppy that I decided I needed to get another pup and I didn’t hesitate to go to Jan because of the excellent rapport I had with him. When I got my pups I was given so much information for the best care for them the best food for them, even pet insurance, even if you can believe it the disadvantages so you know you’re getting a shedding affectionate breed.


Jan also sent me emails when he got new information about problems found in certain brands of dog food to make sure to keep my dog safe. Whenever I was at Jan‘s home I could tell just how much he loved every single puppy and every single dog he had. He’s got the biggest heart and you can tell that each puppy had gotten so much affection when I took it home it made such a perfect little companion. I hope you can see that this is it a good man with a giant heart who loves animals and blesses some of us with our best friends.

Thank you.

Leslie Bell

12. Stuart D. Rhodes & Kelsy A. (Snyder) Rhodes. To Whom It May Concern. We were very sorry to learn that Jan Gaudina’s dogs were recently displaced from their home. To us, this is incredibly saddening, because these dogs lived in an absolutely loving home. Without proper recovery and rehoming, these poor pups are unfairly subjected to the same potential trauma as dogs that suffer true abuse.  


We first met Jan in May of 2018, when we received our first golden retriever puppy. We were engaged at the time (now married), living in Boulder, CO, both pharmacists by training. We now have our own home and land in Bailey, CO, and work as a licensed Real Estate Agent in Park County (Stuart), and a Senior Medical Science Liaison in hematology/oncology research (Kelsy).


Although we both grew up with many animals in the household (dogs, cats, rabbits, pheasants, turkeys, ducks, guinea pigs), this was our first adventure together as a couple in taking a new animal into our household. Jan was incredible. He gave us careful, detailed, and scrupulous instructions, with the utmost respect to these retrievers, and with the greatest expectation for each and every new owner to deliver excellent, lifelong care.


Jan carefully vetted all potential buyers. He interviewed clients, and wanted to ensure the homes these puppies were going to were nothing short of the best. New owners even had to sign a contract agreeing to uphold the rigorous care he expected. We ultimately received two puppies from his household, both of which are living fantastic, healthy lives with us. In both instances when we picked up each puppy (nearly five, and nearly two years ago), we saw several other puppies depart his home with the same level of discussion and care.


To this day, we receive regular emails from Jan regarding proper care, nutrition and health for golden retrievers. His attention to detail as well as long-term healthcare is unique, in our opinion, with his insistence to follow and check up on so many golden retrievers in his network. One of his chief goals is to reduce the risk of cancer in dogs (which is more common in goldens than some other breeds) to the best of his ability.


We were both shocked and extremely saddened to hear that Jan’s dogs were removed from his home. We lived in Boulder for three years (2016-2019) and never heard of any dog capacity within a home, nor forbiddance of canine reproduction in Boulder, Boulder county, nor the city of Lafayette. Clearly, we have been ignorant of the ordinance, however, we knew many families with many dogs/pets and litters in wonderful homes.  


We were highly disturbed to learn that when Jan’s City license of all six adult dogs was approved, action was still taken to remove dogs from his home. We were even more disturbed to learn that when Jan tried to place dogs in relatives’ homes or larger property locations, this did not suffice. In fact, he was pulled over less than a mile before his secondary, mountain home (allowing 7 dog capacity) while trying to transport them there. To us, it seems Jan did everything in his power to satisfy requests.


To us, Jan’s primary goal and ultimate passion is to create more life and bring more happiness into the world with golden retrievers. This was not an abusive environment nor home without love. Jan loves his dogs abundantly. His dogs love him the same. He does everything in his power to give them excellent nutrition and increase their life span. To address the claim that one of the dog’s had a ‘cut:’ First, many dogs have calluses on their legs or paws from years of tromping around or laying in the same position when they sleep. Second, I would like to know one dog in the world that hasn’t gotten a cut. There is no way Jan would have let a true injury go untreated. The assessor must be woefully ignorant about dogs.


Sadly, this experience has undoubtedly put great stress on Jan’s dogs. What a terrible thought, to let these poor dogs go on confused as to why they are not in their home, or to potentially separate them. That IS abuse in our eyes, and it is really quite disturbing.  


If the City does not want further canine reproduction, we trust the City will take these actions. However, please return this poor man’s animals to the life they have known their entire existence. Please return the puppies as well so that they may go to their forever homes through Jan’s incredible network. Please prevent these poor, undeserving animals from living a subsequent life of confusion, strife, undeserved and untrue feeling of neglect. Please do the right thing and return these poor animals to their home and rightful place.


Finally, although we feel Mr. Gaudina is in great caring nature, we would be happy to provide any support on our 3-acre property and home with our other golden retrievers in Bailey, CO, should it be needed.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions at 720-520-0973 or 720-602-7998.


Many thanks,

Kelsy & Stuart

13. Doug Finley. To whom it may concern, My name is Doug Finley. I recently purchased a puppy from Jan Gaudina on December 28th. The reason for writing this letter is to voice my support for Jan and him breeding his puppies in Lafayette/Golden. I am 100000% certain those puppies are better off under the care of Jan, compared to them being at an animal shelter. It should go without saying Jan's pedigree as a breeder. He has been professional and caring the entire time I've worked with him. Those puppies are on very particular diets, have lived in particular surroundings, and to take the puppies from him and throwing them in a shelter is flat out irresponsible in my opinion. If you have any questions, or would like to speak with me directly, please give me a call as I have no problem voicing my support for Jan.



Doug Finley

14. Oceanna Meile. Dear Sir or Madam. It has come to my attention that Jan Gaudina has had his Golden Retrievers confiscated so I feel it is my imperative duty to explain how I perceive his nature, intentions, and level of devotion and love for his beloved Goldens. Jan helped me find the perfect puppy for my family, she was absolutely everything we were looking for, but he also was very detailed in his suggestions for following the dietary regimen he follows with his dogs preparing human grade cooked meals for them everyday as well as advising me on which supplements and vitamins have been best for his dogs. He also checked up with me seeing how she was doing and was always so happy to discuss his dogs with me. I could hear the love for them in his voice and I feel it is a tragedy these dogs have been removed from such an amazing home full of love and care. Jan's dogs are not his hobby, they are his life and an integral part of his home. I believe Jan truly wants to connect families with their dream puppy based on his personal love and adoration he has because of his closeness to his own Golden Retrievers. I believe it is in the best interest of the dogs concerned to be returned to his possession as quickly as possible. Mr. Gaudina even has a trust fund for them so that they will always be provided for even in the event of his untimely passing. I hope that the best interest of the dogs is considered knowing that there is in no way a more devoted and loving owner than Jan Gaudina and I anxiously await updates and hope to hear they are reunited soon.


Oceanna Meile

15. Dave Townsend. To whom it may concern.  We bought our golden retriever puppy from Jan this past summer. When we picked "Ranger" up, he was clean, well fed, and happy. He is healthy and continues to grow well. Part of that is due to Jan’s concern for the dogs and how they are feed. When we visited him at his home to see the puppies, he showed us the extensive measures he went through to ensure that they were properly feed. He made the dog food in bulk and had a variety of healthy natural ingredients for all his dogs and puppies. In addition, he was happy to share his knowledge not only on feeding, the different aspects of how commercial dog foods were produced, but other aspects of raising a puppy such as the timing for neutering and the scientific evidence to support this timing. These items were of such importance to him for the raising and future health of the puppy that he sold us, that it was included in the instruction documents he gave us to take home. We are very satisfied with our experience with Jan, and very happy with the growing puppy.


Dave Townsend

16. The Hunter Family. To whom this may concern, My family and I adopted a golden retriever puppy from Jan in the summer of 2022. Our experience with him was incredible. From the first meeting it was easy to tell he was passionate about breeding. I could tell it was not a revenue thing for him but more of a lifestyle and love for him. He was adamant about the health of his puppies through out the whole process. Jan provided information regarding nutrition that is best for goldens. He provided articles about cancer causing issues and how to avoid them. He had us make a commitment to providing the best care for a puppy if we were to adopt. I truly believe this is because he sees the puppies as part of his family. I can contest to the great health of our puppy when we picked her up. She had zero signs of neglect or harm. Our puppies first vet appointment proved that to be true. Not only did Jan’s love for his dogs show in the health of our puppy, it also showed in his adult dogs. We got to meet our puppies mom, Rose, throughout the process. Rose was a very energetic, healthy, happy looking dog when we met her. Jan has always been available with information on how to raise a golden retriever. He has been able to teach me many new things in regarding raising a golden retriever. I would recommend Jan to anyone of my family members or friends looking to adopt a golden retriever. My overall take of Jan is that he is a very educated, loving, passionate breeder and dog owner. He was able to bring so much joy to my family through our puppy we adopted. For that we truly thank you Jan from the bottoms of our hearts.


The Huner Family

17. Ellen Rich. To Whom It May Concern: In May, 2022, I moved to Longmont, Colorado and connected up with Jan Gaudina to gather more information on his Golden Retrievers and to fill out an application. He was very gracious, took time to meet with me to share information and allowed me to meet the parents, Rose and Jaspar. After Rose had her litter, Jan invited me to come over and knowing I wanted a girl, he came out on the porch with 2 girls. I was able to spend time with them and pick out the one I wanted. Since the puppy couldn't come home for 8 weeks, Jan allowed me to come over once a week to hold the puppy and play with her, once she was big enough to walk. Each time I visited, I would stay on the porch. Jan would bring my puppy out and always, give her a kiss on the head and gently, hand her to me. He would also, bring out a bowl of water for her. At the end of each of the visits, he would take the puppy, kiss her on the head and bring her back inside. He would then, come back out to the porch to take the time to educate me on special food items to order for my puppy, so that once I brought her home, I would have it ready to go. He also, shared with me all the vaccines and shots, she would need and gave me all the paperwork, which I was able to present to my Vet.


Jan also, would send educational articles to me prior to my puppy coming home and even after! Just from spending time with him and seeing how he handled my puppy, showed me how much love and affection he has for all his Goldens. They are his life! My Golden puppy is now 8 months old. She is the sweetest, loving, affectionate puppy ever! I know this is due to how I am raising her, but I also, feel that she is the best puppy in the world due to the care and attention, she received in the first 8 weeks of her life. I am so grateful for Jan's caring attitude towards my puppy, while she was in his care. My experience with Jan was top notch and I wish him nothing but the best!

Thank you.

Ellen Rich 

18. Jeannie Robinson. We got or puppy From Jan on July16,2020, and found it to be a great bonding experience. We visited several times before we were able to bring her home. Jan was always more than willing to have us come so often. By the time we brought our little girl home she knew us well. We never witnessed any signs of abuse or neglect. We got lots of advice on what to feed her and what to add to her food to keep her healthy. We were more than pleased to see she was so well taken care of, We have a work van with lots of space, and Jan was very agreeable to let us take her out of his house and get to know her in our own space. There is no doubt in our mind that Jan is raising wonderful dogs. We had a very good experience with Jan. Sincerely,

Jeannie Robinson

19. Calvin Oram.  To whom it may concern. January 30, 2023. I have known Jan forever. Probably more than 30 years.  I bought the first Golden pup he ever sold.  He treats them more like kids than dogs.  He loves them all.  I have had dogs all my life and am now on my 4th Golden.  They are the best, and I think Jan is the best breeder I have ever worked with.  They really are his children.  I could not believe anyone thought he was mistreating any of his dogs.  If anything, he might be guilty of spoiling them a little.  That he might hurt one is out of the question.


Calvin Oram


20. Emily J. Burtch. To Whom It May Concern, I adopted a sweet golden retriever girl from Jan in April of 2022. I was getting a dog on my own for the very first time, and I was nervous, to say the least. Jan has high expectations for how to take care of these puppies. To help, Jan prepared dozens of documents for me to read on how to feed the puppy, interact with the puppy, how to recognize any health problems, etc. Jan even went out of his way to give me a copy of his favorite movie, the art of racing in the rain, which is a story about a golden retriever and their owner.


My heart could not believe the amount of love Jan poured into his dogs and puppies. Jan let me visit Lily in the weeks leading up to her adoption at 2 months old. Everytime I came, Jan would sit with me and educate me on how to take care of my puppy. Everytime I came, the adult dogs (Jasper, Bailey, Ginger, Amber, Rose) were full of energy, happy to socialize, and were in great health. The litter of puppies were no different. When I spent time with all of them, Jan would be feeding them meals, giving them water and lots of attention. Jan gave me information on the best dog kibble out there, Bil-Jac, and what foods to avoid. He prepared me for possible hip injuries that goldens are susceptible to, and gave me information on how to prevent this, as well as cancers. It was never about the money to him. He never discussed it. Of course, it was in the contract; however, it was very clear his top priority was making sure these puppies found a good home, and were taken care of properly.


He showed me how to prepare the food--which is actually healthier than what I normally feed myself. My puppy got kibble, boiled chicken, and a mix of blended veggies with added vitamins. Jan taught me how to do all of this, and I know it has made my puppy, Lily, a strong, happy, healthy, and energetic little girl. Jan completely exceeded my expectations and made me feel comfortable about raising a puppy.


Since I met him, I knew he was special. It takes a special person to take care of dogs the way he does. I have a huge heart for animals, so meeting someone like Jan was wonderful. He truly loves them, and it shows. To some, it may some crazy to live with and take care of all of those dogs; but for Jan, he lives for it. Jan would sacrifice anything for these dogs, and that's real love. Jan even has a trust fund set up for the dogs for when he passes away, so that they still receive the care they need.


Jan is a sweet, caring person, and continued to check-in on me and Lily after she came home with me. He lives for these dogs, and pours his heart and soul into them. These dogs aren't just objects for profit to him. In my other experiences with breeders, they seem detached from the dogs they are breeding. Raising these dogs, being with these dogs, and taking good care of them are his passions in life. It truly makes me sick and heartbroken to think that he is separated from them, even temporarily. Please consider this a testament to Jan's ability to take care of these dogs.


Emily J. Burtch

21. Diana Munoz, resident of Florida,: To City of Lafayette. I certify: That I have known Jan Gaudina since May 2008, a resident of the city of Lafayette, Co., a citizen known by the community for his calmness and for respecting the rules of coexistence required by society, a friendly citizen and human being, honest, respectful in dealing with his peers and a great lover and protector of other living beings such as animals, under his protection he has always had dogs in his care to which he professes deep love, affection and care such as excellent food under a strict diet prepar. ed by himself based on chicken, turkey and oatmeal supplemented with dry food of excellent quality; Beyond feeding the dogs, it provides them with medical insurance and a safe place to live, I have seen the great love, care, protection and even concern for their dogs when one has become ill. I know very few people whose day to day is dedicated to the well-being of their pets. Jan is an adult man who is over 82 years old and his great emotional well-being depends on the company of his faithful friends called dogs or pets. It was necessary to write this Letter to offer all my help and support to him, realizing the arbitrariness that has been committed with Jan and his pets.


I am very concerned about Jan, because from the day they made the decision to retain The health of the animals has significantly deteriorated due to the abuse and mismanagement that the entity in charge of managing the problem has had with Jan and his pets.

It is really disconcerting, sad and embarrassing for me, I am a believer in the justice system of my country that such decisions have been made in a situation like this, I really do not know what they were based on to have decided to put the dogs in jail, perhaps in a written and approved law that as such we must abide by but not before advocating for justice and analyzing whether or not the environment in which the dogs live is appropriate. Perhaps the physical facilities are not appropriate, but for you that is more important than the real well-being of the animals and their owner. (great abuse of authority);


Jan was not given the opportunity to move his animals to other of her properties or to the homes of her family and friends who support her work and who were willing to collaborate for the well-being of those involved. I, as a citizen of this country, ask you, the authorities that have committed this terrible aberration, if you improved the quality of life of the dogs in the following aspects:


Do they still have the same excellent quality of food that Jan provided them?

Have they improved their physical space or are they just in a cage?

Do they have a comfortable place and human company to sleep?

Did they identify the needs of each of the dogs and give each of them the respective solution?

Emotionally, are they treating each of the dogs due to the abrupt change in which justice subjected them and forced them to live in a matter of seconds without preparing them? 1

Do dogs have constant human company?

Do they have hugs, caresses and love whenever they request it? Have Jan been allowed to take special diet-based food to the dogs?

Or have they allowed Jan to approach the dogs daily and verify that they are really, okay?


I believe the answer to all of the above is NO; none of that has been done. Are dogs living like animals without love? It is the only answer to which the authorities can answer YES. Last question: How did they improve the quality of life of the pets, including Jan's?


I, Diana Munoz, like Jan, love animals and we are dog lovers, dogs for both Jan and me and many other people, these beautiful beings that inhabit the earth are our reason for living; because they are much better than ourselves human beings.

Diana Munoz




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