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Welcome to one of Colorado’s Finest Golden Retriever Breeders LakeShore Goldens. We have two locations One is located ten miles from Boulder via Flagstaff Road which has wide open spaces with Majestic Views of the Rocky Mountains and overlooks Gross Reservoir. The other is located in Lafayette. 

We are devoted to raising beautiful, healthy, well-balanced and socialized Golden Retrievers and backed by a One Year Health Guarantee. We feel we are a Superior Golden Retriever Breeder.

I spend a some of my time in my other home in Lafayette. I find that it is more convenient for most of my potential clients to visit me in Lafayette. But be sure to check first which location I will be at before you come.   

We combine excellent conformation, exceptional good looks, intelligence and athleticism for the balanced dog. We are a home breeder, meaning our puppies from my breeding program are born in our home. Not a kennel outside. Our puppies are bred for wonderful dispositions and temperaments to provide great companionships and hunting companions. You will not find more loyal, affectionate, and trust worthy companions.


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The key to picking out a puppy is to first pick out a reputable, trustworthy breeder. It is very easy to find a puppy these days, however it is getting tough to find breeders who are in it for the right reason, with quality dogs to match. All our puppies are socialized from very early on and are raised inside our home where they get lots of love and attention from our family and grand-children. As They Say “Hands On”, They receive neurological stimulation from 5 days old, and we continue with enrichment exercises and extensive socialization until they are ready for their forever homes. This process ensures they are confident and secure puppies and ultimately assists in laying the foundation toward the remarkable temperaments our puppies possess.









We are not a kennel breeder. I spend my days and nights with the puppies from my breeding and their parents. They are incredibly happy, healthy little pups. They love human companionship. When they’re about 5 weeks old we take the pups on car rides to help them get used to it. This process ensures they are confident and secure puppies and ultimately assists in laying the foundation toward the remarkable temperaments our puppies possess. All of our puppies will be current on their vaccinations including de-worming. Each of our puppies will go to their forever homes with a written one-year health guarantee, litter Registration application, puppies’ own blanket with moms’ scent lovingly attached, including siblings, and a wonderful puppy pack full of information about how to care for your new puppy.


​We will also provide you with a homemade diet I give my Goldens and also gave my Golden Retriever Molly who lived almost to 16 years, and my Border Collie Riley that lived 15 years. The mix for this homemade diet which is U.S.D.A approved is all natural and can be purchased online with free shipping or at many stores in the area. ​

Our puppies come with limited registration included in the price. However, if you want full breeding rights you may have full registration for an additional amount. Pet stores in greater Denver including Colorado Springs don’t usually get their Golden Retrievers until their 8 weeks old and current prices at these stores run from $2,999. to 3,950. We also allow some financing for some of our customers.

As mentioned above the puppies from my litters will be socialized with people before they will leave home. Each puppy will have hours of one-on-one socializing, making the process of taking home a new puppy much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, as a client we allow our puppy buyers the opportunity to visit once a week outside in order to really know your puppy. Touch it, love it, bring toys for he/she to play with, smell etc. until their ready to go to their forever home.

I am a hobby breeder and retired and will only have one or two litters a year. My five Goldens, Amber, Rose, Bailey, Ginger, and Jasper are my pets. We require that all potential puppy owners fill out a Puppy Owner Questionnaire so that we may place our puppies with the best possible new owners.​

We require a $400.00 non-refundable Service Charge that will hold a puppy if I feel you are qualified. If for some reason I don't feel your qualified to place a Golden Retriever puppy with you, the Sevice charge will be returned.

If you would like to make an appointment or place a deposit to hold one, please feel free to call me at 303-885-1424 or send a text. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.​

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